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An unrebutted claim stands as truth. As better knowledge becomes available that truth stands as law. This way law is simple and evolves with knowledge!

This looking at an alternative way people may choose to associate with one another to find a more sustainable, fair and just way of sharing out the benefits of the creators creations and thereby allowing a more fulfilling experience by humanity than that which has in many ways served the few at the expense of the many.

It is clear that the reason for this is that we as a species have strayed from applying humanities best available knowledge, and have accepted self justification to make excuses for the massive differences in living standards between the 'haves' and the 'have not's', where the former live in such incredible opulence controlling way more than they in a thousand life times could even begin to impact whilst others struggle to feed themselves today!

The truth is self evident, and straying from the truth creates mal distribution and inequity. By ignoring the evidence we turn a blind eye which results in injustice. It may be more convenient than standing up and doing the right thing to stop injustices. That simple act allows the injustices to perpetuate, and as more and more become aware of these simple truths rapid change to a return of the rule of law, where simply everyone is equal under the law, and no one above the law, these injustices will be addressed. There is no simple silver bullet solution, and the ingenuity of humanity will find solutions when all possibility is allowed to be explored.

The change is in you, and me, and every other person. Be the change you want to see as it starts with each of us!

The law is simple as the truth is self evident to those who choose to see. Without the rule of law, a peaceful coexistence is not possible as is well document in human history.

Time to start with the obvious. Everyone can understand law, everyone must take responsibility of their obligations to keep the peace and ensure others keep the peace. No one has the right to deny any individual to provide for themselves. That is how simple the solution is!

By understanding our obligations to one another and how we will settle dispute between ourselves our behaviour will change as the lines are clear what is acceptable and what is not acceptable!

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    • Copy and paste this before it’s removed.

      My qualifications to share is, over 25 years in international politics, as a degree holder. In international politics and contemporary governance, in UK, US and EU politics. Political philosophy and jurisprudence and rational choice theories. Political history ( all uk governments since 1861 to Tony Blair). Offered 1 year’s additional study 25 years ago, for QC qualitification. Refused offer.

      I thought long and hard before sending this. If you recall in the document, it has a section where all human energy has be reduced to electronic components and their activity and controls. Well, they’ve moved on somewhat since then.
      This, may test your peace, but, your on the road, so I’ll show you where it leads.

      If you ask Caroline Blackburn though, who can answer all these questions, she feels, to quote her on the subject, when she holds the power to pass judgement and sentence.
      “Then you are wrong – it’s not being censored, it’s not relevant.”

      Sabrina Wallace, very smart woman. I hope your into Quantum Technologies. But just ask Caroline if you have any questions.

      This is for some context. If you want to see some facts, on how far the plans were in development 100 years ago. Here’s a 1929 Cosmopolitan Magazine article, By Lord Burkenhead, which will give you some context as too how many year’s the plan has been in underway. It was actually long before this article, Read Tragady and Hope by Carroll Quigley. I suggest you sit down and buckle up for this, blast from the past too.

      Alan Watt explain’s Lord Burkenhead’s take on our future in his 1929 Article. You can listen to Alan going through the whole article in an audio file ref 2007 audio etc.The original article is here too.
      Good luck, get smart. Know your Constutional Law, it’s our only defence left.

  1. Hi Marc.
    Can you help with this issue. The Crown and Partliament Recognition Act 1689 states, “All and single Acts…were and are Laws and Statutes of this Kingdon…and ought to be reputed taken and obeyed by all the people.” Dosen’t this cancel out our defence of Constitutional Law over Legistration, or is it referring to common law contract? Or missing ‘subject to.’ I can not find the original document. Thanks Pat

    • The CPRA1688 is specific to the authority of the Convention Parliament which sat and created the documents on the 13 February 1688 ONLY:
      “And for the avoiding of all Disputes and Questions concerning the Being and Authority of the late Parliament assembled at Westminster the thirteenth day of February one thousand six hundred eighty eight”
      “…That all and singular the Acts made and enacted in the said Parlyament were and are Laws and Statutes of this Kingdome and as such ought to be reputed taken and obeyed by all the People of this Kingdome.”

      These documents were all made by the freewill consent at the time and that = common law contract between the contracting parties and hence does not affect anyone else…

      HOWEVER the BOR1688 and the COA1688 are both extremely equitable and hence are common law, namely those governing can do nothing to the prejudice of the people = do no harm!

      • Thanks for clearing that up for me Mark. That make perfect sense. Would it be fair to say it was an attempt to clawback power by Partiament Assembled using legislation neferiously or was there a reasonable reason behind the Act.

        • It is reasonable as it is a lawful agreement between the contracting parties, but more importantly it is equitable in that those documents bind those governing by their own freewill that they will do nothing to the prejudice of the people in any of the said premises:)

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