Preamble - Common Self Evident Truths


An unrebutted claim stands as truth. As better knowledge becomes available that truth stands as law. This way law is simple and evolves with knowledge!

  1. Until someone can provide first hand cross examinable witness testimony from the creator (whatever that means to any individual) it is self evident that:
    1. I have no more right to any of the creators creations than another, and
    2. I have no authority to impose my will on another, and
    3. no individual or group of individuals can impose their will on me or any other individual, and


  1. I cannot evidence the right to deprive another of their rights of survival if I have more than I need, equally entitling every individual to;
    1. Shelter from the environment, and
    2. Clean air to breath, and
    3. Nutritious food to eat, and
    4. Clean water to drink.


  1. I cannot evidence the right to deprive another of their entitlement to:
    1. Freedom of speech to find meaningful ways to express their thoughts (principles but not personalities), as personalities are not subject to attack under the guise of free speech by another as it is subjective, where as any principles any one expresses are subject to the search for evidence based truth without restriction. The principle is he who asserts must prove their claim, and
    2. Knowledge from generations past to minimize knowingly causing other creations harm, and
    3. the right of others to freely of associate with whom they so ever  choose..


  1. The highest claim of a right is by the act of creating - you cannot give what is not yours to give:
    1. Without creation there is no existence, and
    2. without existence there can be no right, and
    3. no one has a higher claim to any existence than the one who created.


  1. No one can lawfully create duties, rights or obligations on any other without agreement created by:
    1. Honour - by freewill consent to respective duties, rights and obligations my word is my bond, in
    2. Good Faith - free from malice or intent to defraud another by not putting one's self interest above the interests  of any another, with
    3. Clean hands - full disclosure following a meeting of minds with the intent of minimising risks of misunderstanding of self performance and expectations of others.


  1. Making socially enforceable law self evident for those who choose to see:
    1. To lie is to go against the mind logic and reason creates a common understanding.
    2. Ignorance of the law is no excuse –unrebutted truth stands as law.
    3. The law operates without fear or favour- beliefs do not matter, the truth will prevail.
    4. All are equal under the law - no privileges, what one can do, all can do.
    5. No one is above the law - all are accountable for harm they knowingly cause.
    6. Innocent until proven guilty Who asserts a right must prove their right, or another’s obligation.


  1. Therefore keeping the peace is our social contract, as no individual can prove authority to knowingly cause harm. Every individual is obliged:
    1. not to breach another's peace, and
    2. to enforce others keep the peace as turning a blind eye can cause harm, and
    3. Before breaching another’s peace you must apply your mind to the evidence, which you must show at the time of breaching another's peace, which created your belief that another has, or intends to cause harm.
    4. If disputes cannot be resolved in private, then they must be resolved in public to return to peace.


  1. Every individual has the right of self defence:
    1. denial of any individuals right creates an obligation to provide remedy, and
    2. if remedy is not provided all reasonable force can be used to provide for oneself, and
    3. remedy must restore the harmed party to parity as close to their original positions they were in before had the harm not occurred.
    4. This means that when dispute arises each individual is entitled to face their accuser who must provide the evidence of their claim for breaching the peace, and answering to the complaint in a unbiased forum to resolve that dispute if matters cannot lawfully be settled in private.

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