Physical Structure of Groups - Maximise individual potential


  1. We all have a preconditioned social belief system, and hence see things differently:
    1. Each has something unique to contribute for the betterment of all, and
    2. I believe by maximising each individuals potential we all benefit, so
    3. I will listen with an open mind before giving feedback (STOP, Breathe, Think, Act)
    4. To ensure all have equal opportunity to participate without prejudging.


  1. Traditional 'psychological' physical boundaries will disappear - no animal other than humans follow such irrational behaviours or power structures which have always been used to suppress individual growth and allow mental or physical violence to be used to impose one person’s will upon another and thereby result is the imbalance of the distribution of the creator’s creations that very few have control over vastly more of the creators resources than they can ever utilise during their lives, whilst others struggle to survive.


  1. However until that new reality is created we need to transition away from existing models of Global / Continent / Country / County (provincial) / City / Town / Parish / Village / Street etc. so that each individual has an equal say in what immediately effects them.


  1. Nothing comes from the top down, every request comes from the grass root level, and gets passed up a level which then allows a solution to the request to be put out to more and more grass root groups until a solution is found,
    1. thereby keeping decision making only to those directly affected but at all times applying the communities best knowledge to any situation (everybody’s duty of care which can neither be given to another nor taken by another, obliging each individual to apply humanity’s best knowledge to minimize harm.


  1. YOU CAN ONLY BE A MEMBER OF 1 GRASS ROOT GROUP. Groups grow by splitting down into sub groups so as to keep them as small and local as possible to retain maximum individualism, where, once populated grass root groups are no bigger than 13 (initially maximum of 26).


  1. Each time a group splits, each has a facilitator to link between the group to a larger base of grass root groups.


  1. The same growth pattern applies to all facilitator levels.


  1. Facilitator: The purpose of creating groups is to allow physical interaction, where the 'facilitators' role is rotated, therefore everyone is actively participating:
    1. each group decides for itself how they will rotate the facilitator role between members,
    2. for a term to initially start for [12 months] (so that people learn how it works),
    3. then reducing to [3 months] so each member regularly contributes to the community,
    4. then reducing to 4 weeks so each member commits to put in a minimum contribution to their grass roots group.
    5. Duties of the facilitator: each member takes responsibility for self and others by regularly meeting other grass root members who express ideas or issues,
      1. which are passed onto all group members so as to be able to offer support, ideas or possible solutions for individual difficulties to be found within the group, and
      2. if needed to take unresolved issues to the next facilitator level to allow the issue to be taken back down to a greater number of people by each groups facilitator, and
      3. in this way the process continues until a solution is found.
      4. Namely the structure is purely to allow the flow of information.

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  2. Hi my name is mansueki of join NOCNOC on telegram also joined your course as I have already started from very little that I know ,challenges council best I can , but looking from at some of information it shows very little I know and understand, the has state there no groups in Birmingham, that I could communicate with so I could learn from anyone that has better understanding.

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