Submitting your defence

The defence is a continious work in progress, and will be regularly updated as we get feedback and incorporate actual experience so as to apply the best available knowledge at all times which will make it more powerful as time progresses so always download the latest version as close to the time as possible.

Their claim is simply legislation is law, and out rebuttal is prove how legislation creates an obligation upon me as if all are equal under the law and no one is above the law then how is  it possible that Parliament Assembled can create binding duties, rights and obligations upon any one other than themselves!!!

You simply need to fill in the details in red, and you will have all the information you need on the summons!

You will need the Court name, the summons reference, the Council;s name, and, the date and time your hearing is listed to be heard!

1 week before the hearing submit your response (defence) to the complaint (claim). Email to both the court and the council - you should by this point have all their email details.


1 - Email to:

find the MAGISTRATES COURT email address (

The head of the Council, the head of Revenue Services, The Council's Monitoring Officer and if you have the Council's Case Progression Officer.

2 - Copy to:

same witness emails you have used for other correspondance.

3 - In the subject line: Response to Summons ref: [summons number] Listed to be heard on dd/mm/202y at hh:mm

4 - In the body copy and paste:

Dear All,

Please find attached my response to the above referenced complaint for inclusion into the court file.


[fist name only]

Attachment: Response to Summons


5 - Make sure you attach your response.

6 - Double check.

7 - Click Send.

Add this to your record.