Council Tax presumptions and assumptions rebuttal current to 05/10/2021

We are sharing knowledge and combining what has worked, and discarding what has not worked, and have the latest information links at the bottom of this page.

By collectively sharing knowledge we are building a watertight case that all can rely upon to stop this unlawful method of enslavement where humans to pay to live, under theats of theft of their property supported with threats, and often actual violence - that is not a civilised society and must stop.

Please share your ideas and experiences supported with evidence of what does and does not work.

We all have natural human rights including the right to shelter from the environment, clean air to breather, fresh water to drink, nutricious food to eat. Also we have the right to explore this reality according to our conscience provided we do no other harm, which gives us further the right to free speech to allow us to formulate our thoughts into coherent effective communications including using all available knowledge from fenerations past to minimise our impact on this planet - Time to rethink how we govern ourselves!

The claim

Under the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (“LGFA1992”) the Council has powers granted by Parliament Assembled to demand Council Tax ("CT") which includes for the secretary of state to decide 'who' pays how much, including exemptions...

Under Council Tax (Administration & Enforcement) Regulations 1992 the Council has powers granted by Parliament Assembled of enforcement (collection of CT).

The claimant must prove:

Section 34(6) of the CTER1992 requires the court be satisfied the sum claimed is payable by me.

“The court shall make the order if it is satisfied that the sum has become payable by the defendant and has not been paid.”


There is no question we should all contribute to our community... but that is only if we want to and consent to do so..

  • What if we disagree with what the community wants and what we as individuals want?

The community must provide alternative shelter, air, water and food if they take our ability away to do so for ourselves.

One simple question needs answering:

Any person asking another to comply with their command must prove their right and that the other is under an obligation to perform at their command as we are innocent until proven guilty!

Failure to do so is breaching the peoples peace and forms no part of a civilised society!

We all have an obligation to uphold the peace, as well as a right to enforce other to uphold their obligations to keep the peace - it starts and stops with you!!!

Knowledge is true power...

If you have not done the training yet, it is strongly suggested before continuing that you take the time and put in the effort to gain the knowledge, as knowledge is true power...

It all starts with self... Without the knowledge and source of your true power within any society you cannot attain your potential!

We look at harm and the process of Breaches of the Peace, and how that allows you to lawfully stop others breaching your peace.

Here we look in detail the independence of the Police and Judiciary and how claims are laid against you and others, and how by disputing a claim it creates lawful cease and desist.


The Doctrine of 3 Notices is how society resolves dispute, and we show you how to use it to get any claimant to prove the lawfulness of their claimed right, and your claimed obligation as you are all ways innocent until proven guilty!

Applying the Doctrine of 3 notices...