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Until someone can bring the creator into a court to give first hand cross examinable witness testimony that any individual or group of individuals has authority to impose its will on any other individual or groups of individuals it is self evident that:

  • All are entitled to an equal share of the creators creations, and
  • All are equal under the law, and
  • No one is above the law, and
  • No one can knowingly cause another harm, and
  • No one can knowingly cause the creators creations harm.

The rule of law is to uphold these self evident truths, and is foundational for the peaceful co-existence of this common reality.

Being foundational, all must have equal access to public dispute resolution, and anything which prejudices one person’s right is unlawful.

Any prejudice of any individual’s rights is admitted to be an abuse of the due process of law, and is a contempt of court! This includes any discrimination in regards to paying for access to justice.

There must be an effective balance to stop baseless accusations, and costs resulting from claiming what you have no right to claim or creating a dispute where none exists is causing the other party harm, and therefore those who do so must provide remedy to those harmed parties.

It is time to stop turning a blind eye when we see a wrong, and stand up for the weaker members of society to stop injustices and hold bad actors to account for the harm they are causing to individual and hence also to society.

Change starts with you, as it only takes a few good people to do nothing for tyranny to prevail, and therefore it only takes a few good people to do something for tyranny to fail! Be the change you want to see – it starts with you!

Knowledge is only power if you use it.


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Course Content

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A Basics
B Essentials...
C Structure of HM Courts and Tribunal Services
D Essential Court Rules
E Into the 'Snake Pit'
F As'king' the right questions
G Accountability - Auditing Courts

43 thoughts on “Court Auditor Training – ⚖ NEW ⚖”

    • We will put up a link, where we have ordered some, but you will be able to find a local printer – I will post a template, but again it is up to you to do it how it best resonates with you. It would be nice if everyone had the same as that would be a show of numbers!

    • Hi, im, in really need of help. I need to know, how i can get myself out of the attachment of earning? This is my second 1 and my company as just started taking payments today.. I have explained that it not a court order but they do not understand and i dont want to land them in trouble.. I am currently waiting on a dsar request back from the council.. Any help advise would be greatly appreciated.. I am trying my best in my spare time to look through all the info on here but i dont have alot.
      Thank you guys

      • Sorry only you can create the change… Once you have gone through the courses then you will understand the problem and then start to help being a part of the solution – No silver bullet here as it exists inside each one of us!

  1. Amazing course and it is free. Thank you to all involved in putting all the courses together and the links so we can fully engage, reference and understand on a deeper level.

  2. excellent, a must for all, should be curriculum in all secondary schools along with hidden secrets on money! if only.
    thank you for all your research Marc, yours and eveyone else who has bought this knowledge (with your time) to the people, this is only the 18th comment here!…if this doubled every month, fingers crossed.
    i know you need to be selective Marc with any assistance, i have a case where i was treated with contempt and would like to know what i should do to see if i qualify for some guidance?

  3. Just completed the court auditor course and printed the manual off. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge. I can honestly say I’ve never learnt as much as I have in these past few weeks.

  4. I must say that both Mark and Brian deserve a knighthood after all of this hard work and perseverance. The knowledge I found both fascinating and mind blowing, you are right, once you start learning, things start to fit like a puzzle and everything becomes clearer and clearer. Thank you once again, I am in deep gratitude. x

  5. Just completed this in one bank hol weekend!

    1st issue county court
    I’ve already appealed a ccj to be set aside for car park ticket which I paid for in full, they claim breach of contract for incorrect reg …. Despite proof of payment the still put me in court!
    I couldn’t attend to defend myself as too ill and the court wanted money off me to access justice remotely… I’m looking forward to the conversation with the court and I can use the unfair socioeconomic argument should the judge not set this aside or have beef and attitude with me!

    2nd issue- magistrate
    Police stop- no mot therefore ‘invalid insurance’ and licence still unprocessed by dvla renewals so they Seized the car and left me and my dogs and holiday baggage, incl valuable Nhs items at the side of the road, a woman on her own with a diabetic medical condition which they knew about and didn’t check I was well enough to be left! 1.5 hrs away from home, 9:30pm November! Trespass, order following, I caused no harm not having an mot (use of covid lockdown rules here I think)! They harmed me, PTSD, fear of authority big time! I’m now facing a judge better equipped about the 2 officers failure to keep the peace therefore breaching oath and having no lawful excuse!! This impacted me getting to my friend that same night which I told them about, and he took and overdose the day after, despite them doing a welfare check!! Ironic… chucked me a woman with medical condition out of my car with no welfare check but my mate got a police visit to check him?

    Audit forms and pack will be printed and highlighted!
    Plea info was great! Thankyou!!
    Any MOT or insurance caselaw that I can use?? They’ve dropped the licence, as it happens it’s covered under S88. So just no MOT and no insurance which I had but was void due to no MOT.
    She one of the officers is gunning for dosh and giving me 6 points, but met her match big time!!

    • 1st if you paid then wrong reg is form and NOT substance… so you have the foundations of damages claim…
      2nd – MOT is

        not proof vehicle is roadworthy

      … merely at the time of MOT that it was… how long out of date was it and do you have reasonable excuse? Also Sentencing Act 2020 – evidence actual, intended or reasonably forseeable harm… first 2 they cant evidence so they need to prove reasonable foreseeable harm and have you had car MOT done since and if it passed without works the car must have been roadworthy!

  6. we’ll i have to say great course, already quite clued up but learned quite allot of stuff i didn’t know, which helps to clear some things up as I’m all about thinking up solution to problems & we have got some problems on there way…which I’m already working on. It helps to know what coming & how its being played out. & is another thing I want to give you marc, the document containing the whole plan in great detail. giz a quick message mate

    • I dont worry about others plans as it is a waste of my energy…
      I concentrate my energies on my plans 🙂 A fair and just society operating under the rule of law. Without the rule of law there can be no peaceful coexistence!

  7. I loved doing this. It’s been easy to follow and was presented and written in an easy-to-follow style. I thank you for your time and effort in putting this together

    • Once you understand that a default judgement cannot be relied upon as no one knows what happened afterwards as it may have been appealed and set aside… you will understand that his affidavit equally has no standing.

  8. Thanks for that training mark ,feel really empowered now pal ,knowledge is power ,love the way the course was lyed out very understanding,next course and onwards THAKS

  9. I’m trying to go over what I have completed but because I completed it won’t let me see the course material anymore.
    Can this be fixed?
    Thanks lovely people

  10. Found it hard to study and comprehend at first but after 5/6 lessons, but after those I found it easier to learn still read through each section 3/4 times before marking as read watched all the Video’s at least twice in some cases three, so hopefully from here on in it will be a little easier to learn. Thanks to Marc for a course thats well set out and not to hard to read. I think a days rest then onto the next course

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