Peace Keeper Advanced: Helping Self and Others

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41 thoughts on “Peace Keeper Advanced: Helping Self and Others”

  1. Have enjoyed the course and gained much knowledge. Does the legislation quoted here stand for all commonwealth countries? Thanks for a wonderful course.

    • At the moment I am afraid so…
      I am developing court auditor and assisting people in dispute resolution and courts… but time is limiting factor.
      I hope you have found it interesting and useful 🙂

  2. Much gratitude to you as this has been such an engaging worthwhile course. I am looking forward to now putting it into practice in daily life.

  3. I have enjoyed the course it gives everyone the knowledge to stand in ones truth when dealing with the authorities.
    One of the best courses i have completed , Big thank you to all those that put the time in to produce the course material and research

  4. This is a great course .
    Just a bugging question .
    Why is the 1215 magna carta not recognised by yourselves ? , and why is the 1294 recognised over the 1215 magna carta ?.

  5. Thank you again for this vitally important course and all the research that was done to make this course possible. It is so empowering and I feel this is a ‘must learn/know’ for everyone. Power to the people!

  6. Superb course thank you so much to Marc, Brian and Glyn and to all involved……..I am now going to repeat (for case law focus ) to ensure ” I BE the change”!

  7. Interesting and instructive course, plenty to take away, further study definitely required for myself as although I fully support the concept and am totally behind the aims especially holding the bad actor’s in the system to account. Only time will tell if your faith in the current court system is misplaced or not.
    But at least your trying to redress the balance and that can only be commended.
    Thanks for putting this together…

  8. Hi Marc,

    Just finished the course tonight it was excellent and thanks for putting this together and giving us an excellent insight as to how we can start to progress in these sorts of cases. From the standpoint of understanding how we might be able to understand court procedure in order to get any cases we have in front of the Equity court or one of the higher courts, is there any process training on those elements.

  9. Good strong solid foundation upon which to build factual and further comprehensive knowledge of law. i really enjoyed it especially the way its taken the double speak out of the legislative coded text, which makes it interesting informative and, an enjoyable challenge. i feel its important to be challenged by subject matter as its how i develop to a higher expertise level. Obviously we all have our individual learning mechanisms, i feel this fundemental learning process covers all those mechanisms..
    So thank you for the effort and time that has obviuosly gone into bringing this all together.

  10. What an eye opener this fabulous course has been. What I thought might be ‘rocket science’ is quite simply common sense.
    Thank you for what is a great opportunity to grow, and discover the power we, the people have!

  11. All the best marc and team, good work i hope everything goes well, I’m off thank you for this opportunity to learn. i hope you take on board everything i have sent you.
    i will use all i have learned here to now start a ball rolling, which will be unpredictable, I have planted a seed in your mind I just hope it grows with you.
    Take care mate.

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