Peace Keeper Basic: Defence of self

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Next we look at how to stand on your natural rights that you learned in the Foundation course.

By understanding that  harm is merely a breach of your minds peace, we take you through the simple process of the rule of law which summarised is as follows:

We are all born free, and

we distinguish wrong from right as expressed in our conscience, and

we can explore this reality without causing another harm, and

our right end when we impose on another.

This interaction must be by consent, and when there is no consent we must provide a good reason for the interaction, failing which we are breaching another.s peace…

We will look at this simple step by step process so that you can stand on your natural rights for a number of interactions in respect of people who believe they have the right to command you, and that you are obliged to follow their command!

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14 thoughts on “Peace Keeper Basic: Defence of self”

  1. A lot of the knowledge learned become easy to digest as the course goes on as we repeat a lot of the main points to give us the confidence to stand in our sovereignty.

    • Peace Keeper Advanced: Helping Self and others…
      Then Dispute Resolution and Doctrine of 3 Notices…

      Hopefully by end of March will also have new module: Understanding and Auditing Courts

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