Peace Keeper Basic: Defence of self

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53 thoughts on “Peace Keeper Basic: Defence of self”

  1. A lot of the knowledge learned become easy to digest as the course goes on as we repeat a lot of the main points to give us the confidence to stand in our sovereignty.

    • Peace Keeper Advanced: Helping Self and others…
      Then Dispute Resolution and Doctrine of 3 Notices…

      Hopefully by end of March will also have new module: Understanding and Auditing Courts

  2. Clear, concise and easy to grasp the essence of the law.
    Definitely, a “must” course for everyone. It is truly empowering. I liked one of the questions – superman is busy elsewhere. It is that final realisation, your have to become your own superman.
    Thank you Marc for your generosity and share this priceless knowledge.

  3. Remembering the key phrases at each stage and being cool under pressure sounds like we need to do extensive role play before being sufficiently skilled to be a pro Peacekeeper. Enjoying the process!

    Thank you Marc!

    • The knowledge gives you confidence… that allows you to push your comfort zone, and others doing the same create role models creating an upward vortex of power 🙂

  4. Really good, although I think its going to take a lot of knowledge to be able recall all of it as we need it, in the correct sequence especially when we are going through the local police detainment procedure, especially if you add the natural stress that will inevitably be there

  5. Hi,
    I’ve done the two previous courses, particularly enjoyed the first one, but it was good to go over the material again on the second course) but they’re not registering as done and so I cannot do this one or continue advancing in the training…
    Thanks for your help!

  6. This is the first time for years that i am getting a feeling of what law is, rather than just a whole lot of disjointed knowledge and facts. I am emerging from a Black Magic Hole of victim affliction only to find it was self-imposed all along!!!
    Thank you for this deep and strong foundation, now we can begin to access and express the lawful reality that has always been present.

  7. Good course, like the delivery and short clips breaking down all the different aspects : )
    PS Will need to practice/learn responses to the police just in case!

  8. Hi,
    I finished this course last week but showing as in progress, I’m keen to continue with your courses but been getting stuck with each one….
    Thanks for your courses and help with tech probs!

  9. Hi guys. Quite often throughout the course you mention law precedences. Could you explain a bit more about them. I was trying to read the whole story of one of the precedence but it is a bit of the nigjtmare. Legal slang and easy to simply get lost. Thank you. Seb

  10. Hi Video on use of force goes for about 25 seconds and stops while the sound continues through to the end but I am prevented to going further because I am directed back to watch the video

  11. Hi Marc/Team, i’m really enjoying your course, without your clear explanation i, don’t think i could have worked this out! their legal rules are designed in my opinion to confuse you. Great that someone took the time and effort, to do it for us, ‘BIG RESPECT’ from mankind, we need it!

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