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This program has been designed to enlighten you of your inalienable human rights and freedoms.

It starts with you – you can be the change you want to see!
  • No one is above the law and all are equal under the law.
  • We have allowed those we appointed to administrate, to dictate to us and it’s time to take back our power.
  • Peace Keepers offer a way back to peaceful co-existence without dictatorship.
  • We all need to take responsibility for managing our world in a lawful and peaceable way.
Knowledge of your rights empowers you to protect yourself and others against unlawful governance.

Together, we can create a new future in which all are accountable for their actions.

Total video time 3:53:30

86 thoughts on “Peace Keeper Fundamentals”

  1. Excellently put together and already I can see the holes in my case and the entrapment that has been used on my by the local council. So empowering and thank you so much. My turn now with all the evidence that I now have on them. Chancers… Caroline

    • This is all not in their consciousness… We must plant the acorns, some fall on fertile ground, and we must tend them and they will grow into mighty oaks…
      They have never been challenged under their own rules so it is not a silver bullet, but a journey…

  2. The overview of how we have allowed our selves to become ignorant of the law was a revelation. I will be ensuring my two children watch the whole of this introduction course as they like myself and my parents before me were never informed through our broken education system what our rights are and how courts of Law and Equity work.

    I am so looking forward to learning more from your Knowledge and experience along with my own research. I believe you are both correct with your opinion that there is a change coming. Holding those to account who should know better is the key.

    Thank you so much.

  3. Superb, but we have so much information to re-acquaint ourselves with. I have taken notes but may have to go over it all again to imprint it on my brain.
    I will get myself ready to challenge everything from here on.
    Many thanks.

  4. Excellent course, thank you both for making it so digestible and simplified, starting to finally get to grips with it and enjoy the process. Definitely important planting the seeds for our future generations, everyone should have this knowledge. Fantastic job!

  5. Amazing insights into our legal system, brilliant work Marc and Brian, so informative! It should be taught to EVERY child. I am feeling much more empowered to take on the corporate bullying we are subjected to in this country. Excellent work!

  6. Hi Guys,

    I too really enjoyed and I have been down so many rabbit holes and learned about so many different techniques you start to get very confused and yearn for some more straight forward explanation to how the framework of law works, this made things very simple and I would love to learn more.

    Thanks very much

  7. Many thanks Marc and Brian, very well structured course, very clear and simply explained, and referenced!
    Confirmed some things I knew, gained clarity on aspects that I wasn’t sure had enough substance, and learnt new things. Thanks for sharing your knowledge so generously, the more people who access this the more likely we can create the future we want : )

    Just a minor point, the course doesn’t appear as completed, nor the modules, but have done it all from beginning to end…

  8. Thank you both, what a great learning experience, my round when we meet.
    I’d like to get FOI for a Council Tax Liabilty Order from 2015, I’m assuming Equity knows no time.
    Relates to Braintree District Council and Colchester Mag Court

  9. Thankyou to you both! I’ve learned so much this past week watching your well thought out course! I love how it’s broken down into understandable segments. I plan to watch again a second time to fully integrate the details. Thankyou 🙂

    • You welcome – thank you for your time… alot more to go but you will see it is all based upon what you already know and merely this gives you standing to support that!

  10. Excellent course. Thank you so much for recording this, it is very much appreciated. I’ve completed the Peacekeeper Fundamentals now and I’m very keen to continue!


  11. Absolutely brilliant course Marc and Brian!! Congratulations on a superb job! It takes an enormous effort to distill the complex down into simple-to-understand principles. In the same way Steve Job’s did such a brilliant job with the Apple iPhone (and Apple Mac’s in the first instance), to hide the enormously complex behind an elegantly simple user-interface that anyone could grasp quickly and intuitively, but could then go on to delve into the more complex areas if they so wished; you have done the same with the law with your course. I just wish I had had this information when I had to represent myself and my family in Court several years ago.
    I hope this also might give me sufficient knowledge in future to be able to fight back against the historic Business Rates bill I am still dealing with as a result of the iniquitous Business Rates Empty Buildings Relief that got cut following the 2008 crash, when landlords had to pay the full business rates on empty buildings that they could not let for love nor money due to the property crash.

    • Thanks 🙂 together we can all apply the simple principles to every situation… Once the rule of law has been erestablished then massive progress will be made by humanity 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for all your hard work, both. I’ve watched this entire course twice now and it is definitely coming together like one glorious jigsaw, revealing the truth. Onwards and upwards. I’ve had 2 experiences in court and one with the police, and both went surprisingly well thanks, in significant part, to this course.

  13. Just completed your fundamentals course – a real eye opener, I’m fired up now to learn all I can.
    Thanx to you both for your hard work; you have another convert to your cause.

  14. This is an eye opener, you both have made the law and legislations so simple and easy to assimilate, and most importantly you are waking up the people to the Creator intended plan for his creations and what power we hold. Thank you!!!
    I can’t wait to delve into the next discoveries 🙂

  15. Brilliant course Marc and Brian. Absolutely EPIC!

    If we had 1 Million people completing this, the tide would turn rapidly.

    We need a core group of young people to study this and as part of the next generation… and inviting all leaders with communities/audiences to invite their “tribe” to start with the Fundamentals programme.

    Thank you again for the phenomenal structure and content and generous sharing of your wisdom and experience.

  16. Thank you Marc & Brian for a fantastic course. Well written and easy to follow. I wish I’d known all of this before challenging CDC! A couple of questions for clarity please:

    1. Is there a difference between inalienable and unalienable rights?
    2. I don’t recall seeing anything about the Magna Carta? (which is on the Govt legislative site & is Statute Law?). The lawyer, Anna de Buisseret, refers to Chapter 29 as still relevant. What are your opinions on this please Marc?

  17. All this fundamental knowledge is giving me the confidence to step into the court an exercise my rights a member of society thank you so much for all your hard work this is truly God’s work and word regards Salvatore

    • Until enough understand this we will still be railroaded in many courts, but by collecting that evidence of unlawful actions by officers of the court we will then be able to get remedy… it is only a matter of time and already we are creating new behaviours in the court because of the many brave people who are doing the right thingas opposed to putting their self interest first by doing what is convenient 🙂

  18. Thank you for your research, wisdom and insights. I was hoping to get to the Court auditor course in Totnes a few weeks back but couldn’t make it in the end, so here I am! Mind is buzzing with potential applications, and, as others have said, there’s also a sense of feeling somewhat “played” by the ‘fools that be’ and how those working the system perpetuate the illusion that it is much more complex than it really is just to keep us confused and seemingly powerless. Beggars belief. I am keen to explore how to apply this new found awareness to land/planning/building regs and I absolutely agree that my own learned ignorance keeps me in victimhood. Having worked in the system (seems like another lifetime now) I know that many of the officers doing their jobs are unwittingly breaching peace/doing harm and mostly doing it the way it always has been done… and are not critically questioning most probably out of fear and apathy. Bless you both.

  19. Excellent! Thank you Marc & Brian for delivering bite size chunks of great knowledge. You really have all done some great leg work for us! Even though I have been actively using debt cancellation by asking those pertinent questions for some years I have learned so much more. Also you have snuffed out a few misconceptions too!
    Looking forward to continuing my journey. Cheers to the whole team!

  20. Not only does this course provide you with fundamental concepts, it paves the way toward taking positive action, and offers hope for a change from the unlawful behaviours of the last few years from those trusted with our well being.
    Guys, thank you so much.

  21. Thank you Marc and Brian for this fantastic course and knowledge share.

    Your site was recommended to me on another course, when i was seeking advice in regards to Council Tax. If i decide that i no longer wish to pay this tax but go about it in the most honourable way, won’t that mean court appearances and therefore legal fees etc?

    i look forward to your response.

    Thanks once again.

    • Simply due to their monopoly on violence they now openly admit there is no contract, there is no consent and it is all merely demands and if you do not comply then they will thraten you or actually use violence to take what ever they want!!!

      • Hi Marc.

        Thank you for your reply.

        Please forgive my ignorance, but I’m not quite sure how your reply relates to my question.

        After Liverpool City Council (i too live in Liverpool) withdrew their “complaint”, have they taken further action against you by way of “threats” or “violence” to “take whatever they want” and therefore is the course (on not paying council tax) still relevant and worthwhile or is it now a waste of time?

        If not, and it’s still worth proceeding, won’t that mean court appearances and therefore legal fees etc? Or can i represent myself.

        Best wishes,

        • By following the withholding process (NOC v2) you will put in to practice much of what the courses have to offer so is practical application reinforcing the course material.
          This is the honourable way and IF we lived in a civilised society where the rule of law prevailed you would stop paying until they proved their claim (their right and your obligation), BUT
          There is a block in the concept of what law is and the prevailing belief that legislation (Acts of Parliament) are law which is unsupported with evidence and hence is merely a baseless belief!!!
          So the fact is the existing system would simply collapse as it is not based upon the rule of law and is merely a bunch of people imposing their will on the majority and they will resort to violence to take what ever they want when ever they want.
          The reason we do not have the rule of law is simply no one has held the bullies to account! By learning what should be that then exposes what is and we then focus on the bad actors to hold them to account to do their jobs properly according to the rule of law 🙂

  22. I have enjoyed this course immensely and learned so much. It has raised more questions than answers which is of course great too. I’m looking forward to continued learning and putting my learning into action. I’m going through hell at the moment with the local authority and I think this information is really going to help me. It feels very empowering and exciting. Looking forward to sharing with friends and family. Accountability seems to me to be the answer to so much crap going on in the world, others’ and my own.

    Thank-you very much for your contribution! I really appreciate it.

  23. Absolutely brilliant stuff Mark and Brian. Thank you so much. x I have gained a wonderful education on the law so far, just need to do a lot of reading and get my rebuttal Much love to you both.

  24. Great insights to how the systems works and tons of information.Hats off to you all involved in bringing this knowledge to light for the lay man/woman to easily understand and implement their lives…

  25. Begging for a PUBLIC CT hearing ATM, wish I had found you guys sooner! Many new arrows of truth to add to my quiver here, so I thank you!
    On to the next module!

  26. Went about this piecemeal, skipping from nocnoc notices, to bits of training to some of court auditors….
    I feel had I completed all training initially it would have been too overwhelming, too much to absorb and know when to use.
    Having done it my way, for me, I have gathered most learning. Completing the court auditor I was able to recall moments witnessed and think ahh, that makes sense.
    Same with this training, I now can move into this year battle hardened and more nimble to their shananigans.
    Thank you both.

  27. excellent course, lots of clarification points that i know intuitively or have learned over the last few years but not understood where it is evidenced and how the law is made and by whom.

    Are there any specific follow on modules to explain how to hold the police top account through court for breaching the peace?

  28. It’s a great course.
    The one point I would say is contentious is saying that I do not consent or do not contract Is not the way to do it.
    Saying you are not in a contract with someone who is implying a contract is an abatement of an implied contract is it not?

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