Justice for All: Protecting Your Rights We provide legal representation to ensure the justice system functions as intended.

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Peace Keepers Have Gained Charity Status

We've become a charity because we believe everyone deserves a fair chance in the justice system. As a charity, donations allow us to fight for these important goals without relying on interests that might conflict with fair trials.


To make sure the justice system works the way it should. We want people's rights to be protected by the courts based on the law, not by government rules (called statutes) that might take away those rights.

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Our Mission:

  • Help people fight their cases in court: We want to build a system where people can get legal representation to defend themselves.
  • Keep the justice system fair: We believe judges should be able to make decisions without pressure from anyone, including powerful people.
  • Hold officials accountable: We want to make sure people in trusted positions, like government officials, are answerable for their actions

End the Nonsense: Join Us in Backing the Judiciary and the Rule of Law

What we are doing is assisting the judiciary to do their duties under the constitutional principle of the rule of law and to abide by the separation of powers!!! The more support we give them the sooner the BS stops.

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