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By [a collective of authors including] the Chairman of the Committee commissioned to write the Bill of Rights 1688, John Somers

Thanks to the STAND IN THE PARK at Highams Park for all the hard work to bring this master piece back in the 21st C when so desperately needed, again to relearn the lessons our forefathers left us with the knowledge of but we chose not to learn from their hardship... They must be wriggling in their graves.

Introduction by Lance Peatling

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Judicial and Statutory Definitions of Words and Phrases: a to Deposit

UK Encyclopedia of Law

Roles and duties of Statutory Officers

• County Councils;
• County Borough Councils;
• District Councils;
• London Borough Council;
• The common Council of the City of London;
• The Council of the Isles of Scilly;
• The Greater London Authority; and
• Standalone Fire and Rescue Authorities

Chief Executive: Properly run

Section 151 Officer: Financial administration

Monitoring officer: Ensure actions are lawful

THE GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURE SECRETS OF AMERICA [Political history of government and law] By Judge Dale, retired

Judge Over Your Shoulders - guidance for decision makers 2022

Excellent supporting opinions, case law and legislation supporting the Peace Keepers Course to hold public officers to account - Must read!


Judge over your shoulders 6th edition 2022



Having been court out that the Justices Clerks Society is direct interference with the independent judciary by dictating what and how the Magistrates must decide they have issued this via HMCTS which is separate... but still under control of Government but again that is progress 🙂 The legal advisors are totally under government control!!!

We have forced further changes again...

30/01/2024 UPDATE to Council Tax Guidance for HMCTS


2023 June update: Council Tax and other council enforcement in magistrates’ courts


Criminal Procedure Rules (all courts)

Online - as updated as you can get...

To reference: CrimPR#  (# replace with rule number)


Civil Procedure Rules (all courts)

Online - as updated as you can get...

To reference: CPR#  (# replace with rule number)


Crown Court Compendium Part 1

Part I: Jury and Trial Management and Summing Up
June 2023


Family Procedure Rules

Online - as updated as you can get...

To reference: FPR#  (# replace with rule number)


Help with fees

Online applications - as updated as you can get...