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We are looking for a volunteer in every constituency

To serve lawful notices on each MP for unlawful legislation, which if voted for allows its creation, or continuation is a dereliction of office under their oath or affirmations which restrict their authority "according to law"


Notices put people with knowledge:

Once another is with the knowledge their actions are disputed to be lawful by NOTICE, they must immediately cease their beliefs, and desist any further enforcement until they prove the lawfulness of their claim.

Failure to cease and desist once a claim is in dispute by notice is knowingly causing harm.

  • Noticing MP's makes each individual MP accountable for their actions as to how they vote.
  • Noticing MP's makes individual MP's accountable for their inaction's when HM Government is acting without authority of Parliament Assembled.

It is time to hold MP's to account for  creating Acts of Parliament without lawful or legal authority.

Thereby breaching the monarchs first promise 'to govern the peoples of... according to their respective laws and customs'.

Also breaching the Bill of Rights 1688, their source authority, which restricts their authority that nothing can be done to the prejudice of the people.

It is time to change our custom, and
put an end to the unlawful actions of others.
Stop turning a blind eye as that is knowingly causing harm!

Upon acceptance of the crown the said right are unrestricted, being the ancient rights and liberties of all the people, as opposed to merely being rights for some people as listed. Thereby The Bill of Rights 1688, legally limits the authority of Parliament Assembled and HM Government to uphold all the peoples rights.

Further, The Bill of Rights 1688 affirms HM Government only has authority as granted by the enactments of Parliament Assembled.

Hence HM Government is the servant, and Parliament Assembled is this is the Master, the source of HM Government's legal authority.

Any authority Parliament Assembled grants HM Government, can equally be taken away by Parliament Assembled.

In any event nothing Parliament Assembled asks HM Government to enforce can be unlawful.

Acts of Parliament are administrative law to:

  • lawfully govern the people according to their respective laws and customs, and
  • do nothing to the prejudice of the people, and
  • uphold the peoples ancient rights and liberties.

Parliament Assembled does not create law, and has no authority to do so.

We, the people create law in the settlement of disputes in HM Courts provided in the monarch's second promise, summarised as follows:

For anything to have the force of law it must:

  1. Have a defined legitimate aim, and
  2. Consider all reasonable alternatives, and
  3. be the most proportionate (least impact on any persons natural rights) to meet that legitimate aim.


As expressed by Lord Diplock any command is unlawful if it were:

“so outrageous in its defiance of logic or of accepted moral standards that no sensible person who had applied his mind to the question to be decided could have arrived at it.”

Accountability for the actions of officers or departments of central government:

"....they are accountable to Parliament for what they do so far as regards efficiency and policy, and of that Parliament is the only judge; ..."

"...they are responsible to a court of justice for the lawfulness of what they do, and of that the court is the only judge."

Every individual is accountable for their own actions:

"... following orders is not [lawful] excuse..."


"Equity acts in person and will not suffer a wrong without a remedy"




NOTICES CURRENTLY BEING SERVED - SERVE YOUR MP - Download the latest by clicking the link below

A keyboard warrior is someone who takes action instead of just moaning or waiting for others to act!

If you want to do your part then please email noticespk@protonmail.com

In the subject line put:  I want to help serve in [your constituency]

6 thoughts on “Volunteers for Constituencies to serve MP’s Lawful Notices”

  1. Darn, just missed the deadline for the above by a matter of hours but willing to do what I can as a volunteer. I’m in Worcester, West Midlands and would love to meet up with other Peacekeeper members in the area.
    I work as a medical secretary for a private hospital and since discovering the PCR tests are coated with Ethylene Oxide, I refused to continue to be tested twice weekly. The hospital has refused to allow me onto the premises but has allowed me to work from home since August. Later today the Occupational Therapy team have arranged to call me to discuss the situation as they say working from home long term is not sustainable (although I can’t understand why as I am able to pick up the work and deliver it in a timely manner). I plan to tell them that the PCR tests were never supposed to be used to detect a virus according to the inventor himself (Kary Mullis) and I’ve already suffered a false/positive twice now with being asymptomatic both times which caused my family to be forced to self isolate. What are my rights if they suggest I resign?
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi – I’m trying to find out the next local training/s, but the only thing visible is the weekly Zoom meetings, with details, but only on USA evenings (middle of the night in Europe? UK) Can somebody please message me, or tag me with a response here (otherwise I may not find it again) with a link to local pages – I’m near Bournemouth. Thank you.

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